Emily Bissell Laird - Dreaming Star Studio

Emily Bissell Laird - Summer Journey

"In my Grandmother's House, the rest of the world fell away, and time slowed to a place between time. The bed I slept in wrapped me in arms that felt ancient. These paintings are about being with my Grandmother, and how she gave me the keys to the garden - THE GARDEN IS THIS MOMENT.

It is a time full of ancient yesterdays and unfathomable tomorrows, and it is simply this moment, the moment in which I stop long enough to feel the trees breathing, stretching and reaching their branches. And to feel the roots of those trees going down deep, curling around the center of the earth ... and to feel my small place on this planet, taking a sip from the ancient spring.

This is the garden my Grandmother showed me in the wisdom of her years, the slowness of her walk, her dry papery skin. She is with me now, and my grandmother's house is inside of me. It is in my house. Through memory and experience, I visit her, and the veil between life and death fades for a moment, transparent, and the door to the Springhouse opens to timelessness and magic, to the garden."

This statement was written in 1995 and still guides my work. In the past five years I have focused in meditation on many of my Ancestors, who guide me in deepening the wisdom that began in my grandmother's house. EBL 2011